Saturday, May 2, 2015

IFB – We deliver best damaged products

In last few days I have realized that Indian organizations whether public or private are aiming only for one thing customers money. But while they do want customer’s money they do not want to provide the services or products they promise. They want to swindle hard earned money of customers. In case a customer raise voice they show such an apathy and confuse customer in such a manner that customer feel easy to buy a new product/ avail another service than chasing these greedy organizations.

IFB’s tag line is “Set yourself free”. When my sister brought IFB dishwasher 6 month back, she brought with a hope that she would be able to set sometime free for other important tasks. But only later she realized what does “Set yourself free” actually means. It means set yourself free of money and IFB promise to loot your money.

It was almost 6 months back IFB dealer delivered a packed dishwasher to my sister’s house. When the package was opened it was found that dishwasher is broken. The mechanic told that don’t worry in such situations we replace the dishwasher as it is damaged. But meanwhile you can use the dishwasher and once the new one is delivered we would replace this. The complaint was lodged with IFB on same day and they said the process of replacement has started. One month later we were told that the Area Manger needs to approve application once approved the dishwasher would be replaced. The same response was provided for next 2 months. I approached Head of Northern division of IFB. He told me that swift action would be taken. After 3 weeks of constant follow-up this gentleman tells me that the damaged part is non-functional and only that part would be replaced.

I am not sure whether it’s a functional part or not. The question is can you deliver a damaged product when paid full amount?

Can a new car be sold with broken/missing bonnet as this is not a functional part?

Left with no option we are now planning legal action against IFB. This is outrageous that big organizations such as IFB are trying to swindle customers by selling damaged products and their management is trying to fool the customers. 

IFB – We deliver best damaged products and don't worry we charge extra for this!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Vodafone woes : Did you check your last months Vodafone bill

People are working harder than ever and still they don’t have enough money. What is happening!! Yes, we are consuming more and more. But did you notice these days how many bills come to our home each week. The process of payments has become automated. So, you don’t have worry about late or missing payments.

Ask yourself, how many times have you read any of these bills? Didn’t we simply expect it to be fair and just?

I used to do the same. But then this time I went through my Vodafone bill, I was shocked by the way I have been charged. I started using Vodafone post paid connection for last 3 years and I am not sure how many times they have overcharged me because I never thought they would be cheating me like this. 

I guess Vodafone think their customers to be same as zoozoo's who look and act naively.

When I opened last month’s bill I found that the monthly rental to be charged very high but I was about for the bigger shock. The call rate charged was 5 times the normal industry rate. I thought there was some mistake. I called Vodafone helpline and they acted in a way that issue would be resolved in one day. But nothing happened in next 2 days. I called back and there was a cold response that you have to explain your issue again. And again promise of 1 day. I lodged complaint in Vodafone nodal office. They said they will get back to me. After explaining issue to many people 20 times, I was assured that my bill would be corrected. But for many days there was no response. So, I tried to contact Vodafone again this time their tone was different. First they told me the bill would be adjusted in next billing cycle if they felt a need to do so. But I demanded them to clear tell what does is meant by, they felt, supposed to mean?  They said according to Vodafone polices. I tried to contact Vodafone again to clear the picture this time the person says they won’t be reverting any charges and the bill is correct. 

I was shocked in almost 15 days they have wasted more than 10 hours of my time to just fool me. I think Vodafone treats its customers as stupid who won’t be able to fend for themselves. Now, I am in process of filing a case against Vodafone in Consumer Court. 

I would request all Vodafone users to check their bill and make sure they are not been fooled.